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Vagal Tone Test

Try our Vagal Tone Calculator and get an indication of the health of your Vagus Nerve now.
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1. I’m finding it harder to manage the stress in my life
2. I’m impatient with work colleagues
3. I find it hard to unwind and relax in the evening
4. After work, I tend to be more impatient/short tempered with my spouse, children or flatmates
5. It takes me longer than it should to fall asleep
6. I have a feeling of being overwhelmed by work and/or social/family engagements
7. I am feeling less fit and strong
8. My heart rate remains elevated for longer than I expect after physical exertion, such as climbing the stairs
9. I continue to experience shortness of breath for longer than I expect after physical exertion, such as climbing stairs
10. I feel tightness of breath for no reason
11. I get tingling in parts of my face or body
12. When I breath I feel as though I cannot get enough oxygen
13. I notice irregular heart beats
14. After exercise, I feel it is taking me longer to recover my energy
15. I get minor headaches throughout the day
16. I get headaches in the evening
17. If I don’t drink frequently, I feel a dryness in my mouth and throat
18. I get dry coughs
19. I get goose bumps, even when it’s not cold
20. Minor changes in temperature bother me
21. I find it difficult adjusting to changes in light and illumination
22. I experience Indigestion after lunch while at work
23. I experience indigestion after dinner in the evenings after work
24. I find it hard to engage in conversation while eating a meal
25. After meals I feel bloated
26. I begin feeling nauseous for no apparent reason
27. I increasingly suffer from more minor colds, coughs or similar illnesses
28. At the end of the day, I have swelling in parts of my body or joints - such as the face, feet, ankles, knees, hips, fingers or wrists.
29. I get hot and cold flushes
30. I hear a ringing in my ear


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Feel 10 Years Younger With Improved Vagal Tone

Natural Methods to Try

There are several natural methods to activate your Vagus Nerve. Here are some simple suggestions


Fantastic allrounder 10/10
Yoga is not just great exercise for the body but also very effective for the mind. The breathing control works the vagus nerve.
Yoga Breathing
Gargling to Activate Vagus Nerve


Easy to do, but don't expect miracles 5/10
When we gargle water the throat muscle activity naturally stimulates both branches of the vagus nerve in the laryngeal branches. Use salty water for an additional anti-bacterial benefit.


Laught with someone - 10/10,  Laugh at someone - 7/10
Laughter really can be a great medicine. When we laugh - I mean really laugh, we exercise our vagus nerve  from the belly up. 
Laughter Best Medicine
Cold Shower Vagal Response

Cold Showers

And think of the energy savings too - 9/10
Cold showers are an excellent way to restore lost vagal tone. It doesn't need to be the whole shower - just hit yourself with cold for at least 1 minute at the start, middle or end.

Deliberate Breathing

Easy to learn, easy to do - 8/10
Slow, deep, belly breathing is an indicator of rest and a great way to activate the vagus nerve. Practice deliberate breathing when you have a few minutes to spare.
Deliberate Breathing
Vagal Chanting

Chanting & Humming

Not for everyone - 6/10
Chanting involves activity of the laryngeal muscle which will in turn activate the vagus nerve. The tone of the chant or hum will determine the frequency of stimulation - with the Hindu chant "om" considered godly.

Extreme Cold Dip

Enjoy it if you can - 8/10
Now that you are accustomed to cold showers it's time for an extreme cold dip. If you can condition your body to breathe through this, your vagus nerve will become very strong.
Extreme Cold Vagus Nerve Activation
Vagus Ear Massage

Ear Massage

Popular in the past - 6/10
Gently massaging the tragus and cymba conchae areas of the ear can trigger a mild vagus nerve response.

New Technology Method

If you are looking for a faster and easier (and warmer) method of Vagus Nerve Stimulation then consider trying a tVNS Stimulator

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